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Experiment “The value of demos” … Results: confusing

Okay, so about 6 or 7 weeks ago this article got posted somewhere (anyone remember where??) about how demos reduce sales. I figured I’d try that out with Dynamite Jack. First a graph showing the number of demo downloads on iOS:

Second, a graph showing $ earned via the full version on iOS.

Best I can tell, sales go down when I got rid of the demo. Then they went down a bit more when I re-enabled the demo version of Dynamite Jack. My hope is that eventually the demo-to-full conversion groove will pick back up to bump sales up a bit more again.

That said, though, the number changes aren’t terribly clear. I’m guessing it would take higher volume or better A/B style testing to really make any sort of decent claims about this stuff.

The only thing that I think is terribly clear is that when Dynamite Jack got launched in the Humble Bundle on March 6th, it doubled the number of demo downloads on iOS for a day.


One Response to “Experiment “The value of demos” … Results: confusing”

  1. Sol_HSA Says:

    I’ve understood that a demo is kinda like coffee. It seems like a good idea, but when you look at statistics, you find that it doesn’t really help.

    So then you stop drinking it. And things go bad. Until you start again.

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