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beta5 update – Now with co-op multiplayer game and world mod!

Okay! It was a pretty great week here! Short version: beta5 is out for Windows and Mac, try ‘em out! Be sure to also try the esparano_frustration mod, it’s got a world map, and it’s pretty tricky.

Last Saturday a bunch of players and I played Galcon 2 multiplayer for about 2 hours and found tons of them. So I’ll be joining the first server we get up and running to play again today, and hope to track down all the new quirks. I’m especially excited to try out the Co-op server mode I added. Check on the forums for server IP addresses!

Also, I was able to include esparano’s frustration mod. It’s got a cool world map and it’s quite tricky. So give it a try and have some fun!

Anyway, have a good time trying out Galcon 2. Be sure to tell me what you think! Your feedback means a lot to me, so keep it coming :)


P.S. The Android port of Dynamite Jack is out now as part of the Humble Bundle with Android 5 bundle. This is exciting for Galcon 2, because it means I’ve now got the larger part of the porting work done for Galcon 2!

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