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Galcon 2 – beta10 – Game UI overhaul

Ahoy there, another build is ready for backers on Windows, Mac, Linux. TestFlight folks will get emails shortly with a new build too!

Particularly cool additions are left-handed mode, and real portrait orientation support! Some options like “color-blind mode” and “multi-touch mode” are listed in the Controls, but they aren’t implemented yet. Please check out the Settings / Controls and try out settings and find your favorite!

Funny dev bug:

This build largely fixes a ton of iOS related issues and overhauls the in-game user interface. I tried to fix most of the issues reported! Please give it a whirl, I’ll be online for a bit on the server if anyone wants to hang out! Please post on the forums if you have any comments.

Also, the magnet sets are all pretty much packaged and shipping will begin to all the $25 backers next week! I’m holding off on higher tiers because we’re going to try and combine shipping with the box sets. Thanks for your patience!


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