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Galcon 2 – beta11 – Ultracon & bricks & more!

Ahoy there, beta11 is ready for backers to download! Get it for Windows, Mac, or Linux. TestFlight users will get an email shortly with the latest build.

This build includes a ton of bug fixes for your favorite bugs, as well as the Ultracon mod by medeman and a Bricks mod by me. I’m getting close to being able to put together a rough edition of the Galaxy Map / MMO portions of Galcon 2, and the Bricks mod was a way for me to test out the basic code I need to add more interactive “menus” / “mini-games” to Galcon 2.

We were able to sent out some of the magnet sets this week! We’ve already gotten some pictures back in! International orders will take longer, and higher tiers are being shipped a bit later so we can combine on shipping. Here’s Kyle’s fridge:

If you want to test the game out with me, I’ll be on the g2s1 server for an hour or so :)


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