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Galcon 2 – beta19 – Try Galcon Legends NOW!

Ahoy there! A new update is ready for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and TestFlight.

The main feature of this is a new beta of Galcon Legends is included right with Galcon 2. (This will not be part of the final Galcon 2 release, but it’s the easiest way for me to get it out to you for testing!) Just sign in and click on the LEGENDS tab at the bottom of the screen.

I really want feedback on this game, as I’m going to try and release Galcon Legends during October, so please tell me what you think on the forums! This update of Legends also includes the excellent new soundtrack created by Joshua Laya. (Note: music not available on iOS or Android builds yet.)

Lastly, I’ve done a bunch of the bug fixes found in beta18. For the sake of making this post look longer, here’s the complete list:

= 10/1/2013 =
– ios: on portrait modes (ipod touch), the zoom mode goes on even when it shouldn’t (problem does not exist in landscape)
– ios: can’t slide percentages.
– mods: include Galcon Legends OR remove the Legends button from the mods screen.

= 9/30/2013 =
– legends: add music
– mods: upgrade frustration mod
– api: winning a bet loses your coins. (so a bet of 50 against 1 person loses you 150 instead of gaining you 50)
– galaxy: not always tracking rank / location of players properly.
– lobby: when joining a server, you aren’t always changed to the correct class.
– galaxy: joining a server doesn’t always get you into the correct server. (probably due to running out of servers? so maybe fixed?)
– galaxy: have button to dismiss user list
– galaxy: have user list say what server they are on right now.
– lobby: if in settings, anytime anyone types anything in chat, it drops you back to the lobby out of settings.
– galcon_util: game will end even if it’s a single player game (to avoid hanging servers.)
– lobby.lua: now you can’t start a game if there are 0 /play people
– clients.lua: added /debug command to inspect server variables.

= 9/26/2013 = (fixing on server)
– bets: betting winning crashes server.
– server: music not resetting for client when i rejoin a server.
– galaxy: user totals not correct on map
– galaxy: map should indicate where users are playing.
– galaxy: going to a server doesn’t always put you in the proper server

Have fun!

P.S. I’ll be online for about an hour, so sign onto the Galaxy Map and say hi!

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