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Fun with the OLPC!

Yesterday and today I worked with Mike Fletcher and had a great time porting a couple of my games to the OLPC 🙂



Elephants (pic taken with an XO!)

I had a great time working on this – though a couple of odd bugs in the dev. environment proved to be a bit bothersome, we were able to get through them. The main product of this effort was the creation of the “port your pygame game to the OLPC” tutorial.

On a side note, I also gave an impromptu talk on networking games to help an OLPC group get some good ideas on how to write an easy to use networking API for their games. A fair portion of it explained how I implemented networking in Galcon. The other portion explained how “I did it wrong – and you should do it some other way such as _____.” Richard Jones and Mike Fletcher also attended and chipped to help explain the bits that I glazed over.

5 Responses to “Fun with the OLPC!”

  1. David Wolever Says:

    Darn, that sounds interesting — I’ve always wondered how games do their networking.

    Cool stuff, though!

  2. Rene Dudfield Says:

    Sweet 🙂

    Water melon sweet.

  3. Doug Napoleone Says:

    Phil, you ROCK!

    When you said you were going to do this at what, 11pm? 11:30? tonight, I felt bad for only poking at the navbar…
    I feel so unproductive!!!

  4. a random John Says:

    I would have loved to have seen the networking talk. Oh well. It was great meeting you in person. Hopefully next year I can actually play some Galcon.

  5. David Cooper Says:

    Glad to see it arrived!