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tinypy – I need more mentors for Google SOC!

If you’re *not* in school, interested in tinypy, and want to help out, you can become a mentor!  I’m working via the PSF to get tinypy some SOC help.  Since I announced this a few days ago I’ve already got four students who want to do SOC projects on tinypy!

Reasons to become a SOC-python-tinypy mentor:

  • you want to help out tinypy – if multiple projects get accepted, it would be great to have some people helping me out!  I don’t think I could mentor them all.
  • you want to help out python – the more mentors python has, the more projects will be sponsored :)  This will increase the odds that tinypy gets some slots.
  • you want to help out students – this is the Summer of Code, after all!  It’s a great opportunity to help new coders get some great experience.
  • you want to help out open source – the SOC gets students involved in Open Source :)  Several of the students who have contacted me say this is the first time they’ve been interested in Open Source.

Qualifications for mentors:

  • you aren’t a student.
  • you know python and C reasonably well.
  • you want to help out!

How to join:


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