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Good server hosting? rackspace? other?

A client of mine hosted with cihost recently had an outage.  (Which hasn’t ended.)  They want to move their dedicated server elsewhere.  Any suggestions?  I’ve done plenty of googling for stuff, but really, personal rec’s carry way more weight for me.  We want a host that:

  • linux (LAMP stuff)
  • e-mail server
  • has excellent uptime
  • can manage backups
  • has excellent support
  • can manage security
  • is able to deal with a crisis (say, a backhoe digs up their fiber, they are able to get your server running somehow within half a day)

Which I suppose aren’t really extravagant demands, but anyway .. I’d appreciate any recommendations you can offer.  The hosting is for a U.S. based company, so we’ll want a host with data centers here.

Please don’t bother responding with a rec if you haven’t personally been with said host for at least 3 years.

3 Responses to “Good server hosting? rackspace? other?”

  1. Daniel Says:


    Yes, we’ve used them for years. Their techs are really good. You’ll pay for it, but its worth it.

  2. Brad Says:

    I use 1&1 ( They have lots of options, and I’ve had no downtime in like 4 years or so… I used to rent a server, but now I’m on a shared hosting plan. Both have been good for me (I’m hosting ~10 virtual domains)

  3. Nick Says:

    I have 2 dedicated managed boxes with Server Intellect. No complaints very good response and support over the last 11 months. Rack space is way over priced and they will pick at you for upgrades all day long. You should see some of the reviews for them. Lots of complaints about over paying for services.