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tinypy at pycon …


So .. I’m thinking about proposing a talk about tinypy at pycon.  Not quite sure what I’d want to say about it.  So, here’s my “ask the web” question:

What do you want to hear me talk about tinypy?

I could talk about anything from how I made it, why I made it, what good it is, how to use it, to .. err .. I dunno.  Whatever 🙂

If no good talk ideas come together, I’ll probably do a lightning about it again, and maybe an open session.

I also want to do a Galcon tournament of sorts again at some point 🙂  That was great fun last year!


9 Responses to “tinypy at pycon …”

  1. Anton Says:

    About internals.

  2. Doug Napoleone Says:

    The only real advice I can give:

    1. dont make it a talk with information which people could find out quickly just by using google.
    2. give the talk somewhere before giving it at pycon (this could be just to a user group, your friends or wife or whatever).
    3. talks which focus on some interesting problem do better than a talk about ‘why you should use my project’ or ‘what my project is’ (the latter usually falling flat, or not accepted in the first place).

    So I would recommend making the talk be about some interesting problem, lessons learned, etc you had to solve for TinyPy rather than ‘this is TinyPy’.

  3. philhassey Says:

    Hmn .. maybe an open session would suit it better then? Just sort of open up for Q&A .. try and get folks interested in moving the project forward.

    I suppose I could talk about the parser. There isn’t much information on top down operator precedence parsers on the internet. (Other than that one paper, which took me quite a long time to comprehend.) Though that seems like a pretty scary-hairy sort of talk to give, and might make people sleep .. Not sure how much use it would be for anyone.

  4. Michael Foord Says:

    How to develop *with* tinypy would be most interesting to me. What sort of tasks is tinypy useful for and how do I do it.

  5. philhassey Says:


    That would be something of a tutorial on using tinypy. That information is not yet readily available on the internet .. beyond the minds of a few folks who have delved into tinypy.

  6. Alex Says:

    How much work would it be to do an embedded version. (ie, basically a version which doesn’t have any OS dependency except stdio, and that only via an indirection layer. Like lua, only python, basically). cpython is too big for many embedded systems, tinypy would be great.

    I started to have a look at doing this, but was scared off by the strange build system. Actually that would be a good thing to explain too.

  7. Ryan Freckleton Says:

    I’d definitely be interested in either a tutorial on using tinypy. as well

    I’ve also been curious about using tinypy in an embedded system, but haven’t had time to investigate.

  8. sky_lark Says:

    About what the heck it is… haha.

  9. Pg_rock Says:

    hey, can you please tell me how does it work. i mean how does it parse the code and convert it into byte code and how does it compile and execute.