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I’m on twitter now ..

I’ve just created a couple twitter accounts for myself!

philhassey is going to be my dev twitter account, where I might be posting real-time stuff about game-dev, python, and whatever else comes up.  Should be interesting if I get into it 🙂

galcon is my twitter account for news about Galcon,, new games, etc.

P.S. Galcon for the iphone is an IGF Mobile finalist!  Check it out!

3 Responses to “I’m on twitter now ..”

  1. s Says:

    You should follow more people,.. people will think you’re a snob.

  2. philhassey Says:

    hmmn, give me time 🙂 I just set up my account today, and I only know 3 people who are using it!

  3. j Says:

    when are you going to come out with galcon 2 or at least a new update for the iphone galcon????? i’ve been checking everyday for one but i’m still disappointed 🙁