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More silly blog Q&A ..

Yeah, you’d think I’d just go and go about my blog like normal .. but .. I can’t bare to do that!  Instead here’s some blog Q&A.  What do you want to see on this blog in 2009?  What don’t you want to see?

Web comics | Political commentary | More python dev | More game dev | Stories about life | Stories about business | Drawings | Podcasts | Religion commentary | Videos | Music | More games | Photos of stuff

Boy, that’s a lot of choices.  For the past 1.5 years I’ve kept it pretty focussed on python/game dev.  But I figure I can ramble about all sorts of other things.  So tell me which bits on that list sound interesting and which parts sound like they’d be totally awful.  No promises I’m going to change what I’m doing, but I figure it’s late and I try to make one post a week, and this is what came out 😉

Oh yeah, I’m going to be at GDC all week.  I’ll be hanging out on the Indie Summit track Monday and Tuesday, then Wednesday thru Friday I’ll be hanging out by the IGF Mobile booth.  Look for the guy in the Galcon shirt.  Loud expo halls make me cranky, so if I’m sulking stop by and tell me to cheer up 🙂  If I’m not sulking, just stop by!


P.S. if you didn’t catch it in the replies to my last post about flash/Galcon – I did get tinypy working under flash 10.  But not many people have that yet, so I think I’ll save launching a cool tech demo till sometime later.

P.S.S. Potato soup with cheese and crackers is great!

3 Responses to “More silly blog Q&A ..”

  1. Jason Maas Says:

    Thanks for asking for input!
    I like: Stories about life & business; python & game dev; religion commentary
    I’m not so interested in: political commentary; podcasts; music

  2. pymike Says:

    More python dev, More games! =)

  3. Steve & Marianne Says:

    cool jacket