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RC1 ..

So .. After recovering from GDC, I’m working on wrapping up my “new game” .. Which is in RC1 tonight.  Hope to package it up and ship it tomorrow with a hopeful launch date of next week.  I gotta get all my press materials together tomorrow so that when it does launch I’m ready.  Here’s a checklist of things I need to get together:

  • Website ?
  • Game page
  • More games page (linked to from game)
  • Newsletter announcement
  • Blog announcement
  • E-mail announcement for reviewers
  • AdHoc build with comments for reviewers
  • Get a banner ad ready & pay for ad slot
  • Description, title, screenshot, icon for AppStore
  • Game assets / screenshots for reviewers
  • YouTube video of gameplay
  • YouTube video trailer
Man .. these launches take a lot don’t they!  At least I’ve utilized my blog here to list all the things I plan on preparing.
So starting Wednesday I’m working on a iGalcon update *finally*.  I’ve got the most demanded features figured out, so I hope to package it and send it to Apple come Monday.  Fun bit is the game will probably be available on the AppStore during my sister’s wedding.  So .. I have to make sure all my announcements are all prepared a week in advance so I can “launch” my update with about 5 minutes of button pressing when I get the notification from Apple.

2 Responses to “RC1 ..”

  1. Jomskylark Says:

    Sounds awesome!

  2. Gail Cassel Says:

    OK Phil, you said I could only write to you about game stuff so here it is. My son Tim has requested that you make an Android version of Galcon. He has both phones but likes G1 better. Oh Yeah Also…You look good in Rambo!