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Galcon T-Shirt Competition!!

(I should have posted this earlier, sorry blog-reading folks!)

Rev up your design skills and make a Galcon T-Shirt!  Top entries win a FREE T-Shirt and the admiration of the world!!

Here’s some graphics, logos, fonts, and other goodies from the new iPhone Galcon that you can use on your T-Shirt:

Contest Starts: August 25th
Contest Ends: September 8th
Voting Ends: September 14th

Fine print: T-Shirts must be family friendly.  Unfriendly t-shirts will be DQ’d and will incur the wrath of Nanno.  Upload a hi-res (300dpi) image, if trouble ensues, use the Contact form and bug Phil.  T-shirt designs become property of

Preview entries here:

Have fun!

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