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PoV’s Challenge: Make a game, sell 1 copy

A friend of mine (and co-host of the Ludum Dare 48 hour game development site) has issued a challenge. The challenge is to make a game (by the end of October) and sell at least 1 copy.

I accept this challenge.

I’ve been peddling Galcon for almost 4 years now, and though I’ve had a few side games I’ve also sold, it’s been a good 18 months since I’ve launched anything that wasn’t a Galcon derivative. I love short-term challenges like this, because they are fun, exciting, and don’t take a year of my life away. I’ve got a game I developed before called Dynamite that I want to remaster and launch on the iOS platforms.

I begin my journey on Monday.


2 Responses to “PoV’s Challenge: Make a game, sell 1 copy”

  1. Eric Moritz Says:

    Looks like a isometric minecraft!

  2. Rene Dudfield Says:

    Right on! Great game 🙂