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Chickon for iOS has Arrived! Galcon with Chickens and Robots!

Okay folks .. it’s been a while. We spent the earlier part of this year moving to a new house and getting settled in, and somewhere in there I had this crazy idea “haha wouldn’t it be funny if I made a version of Galcon with chickens in it cause everyone plays all those poultry oriented games, haha, I’ll make it in a week.” Yeah, well, SIX MONTHS later, it’s finally here!

Chickon is a free-to-play romp of total silliness in the land of Chickontopia! Check out the totally sweet trailer – it’s worth seeing even if you don’t have an iOS device:

And then get the free app for your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.

Hope you get a good laugh out of it! Be sure to tell your friends and poultry loving acquaintances.


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