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Dynamite Jack: Building a level

Hey there, here’s something I thought you might be interested in, a fast motion replay of me building a level for Dynamite Jack.

The level editor is not included in the game, because right now the interface is a little tricky 🙂 But if enough people are interested I’ll probably add it in an update after the game launches.

Right now it uses a combination of keyboard and mouse controls. It’s pretty fast for me to make levels, and I’ve designed it mainly for my speed in prototyping and editing together new levels. It has worked pretty well. The editor only has a single “layer” .. so the background and foreground are all one layer, which makes it so some stuff isn’t possible, but in general, it made things way simpler for me to build levels.


4 Responses to “Dynamite Jack: Building a level”

  1. LjuboM Says:

    Yes we are excited about editor, it sure is the best part of the game.

  2. Deckers Tycho (galcon username: Tycho2) Says:

    I liked the level editor in the beta, but as you said it is only one layer. So actually the tiles and the walls should be on another layer. I like how you builded it, very experienced too.

    Also I want to ask, is there going to be a level editor in the final version? Because thats a huge part of the game, playing each others maps.

    Finally, can the leader-boards be in-game again, and not via steam? Because if I click on leader-boards it windows the (which is really annoying) , and there is a very long loading on the site too. I like it on the site too though, but only stats on the site if you aren’t in-game. This may be a good thing for Galcon too, that you have statics in-game. Just a suggestion *wink* *wink* 😉


  3. philhassey Says:

    The map editor won’t be part of the initial launch of the game, but if enough people are interested I’ll add it as an update .. it sounds like you’re both interested 🙂 So we’ll see!


  4. Doches Says:

    Oh, yes. Level editor? Yes.