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Dynamite Jack: Game will launch with map editor

Hey there .. a bunch of my beta testers really wanted the map editor to be part of the game, so .. well .. I went ahead and just got it done. So Dynamite Jack will launch on May 10th with the Map Editor! I created a tutorial video that both demos the editor and turns you into a Master-Of-Maps in about 3 minutes. Check it out.

This was pretty much a last minute decision, and a bit of a hair raising experience, as the first build I created and sent to the beta testers that included the editor actually broke some of the game levels. Fortunately, the fix was pretty easy and I got that under control. It’s always a bit risky adding new features this late in the development cycle, but I felt that it would really add a lot of value to the game for people who enjoy creating levels.

It also includes a whole community section where levels will be shared, so people who just enjoy playing will get way more than just the 28 included levels 🙂

Disclaimer: this is coming to the desktop version of the game. I can’t guarantee that it will be included in the iPad version of Dynamite Jack. That will really depend on how well the editor interface transfers over. If it doesn’t work well, I will not include it.


2 Responses to “Dynamite Jack: Game will launch with map editor”

  1. Alex Says:

    Will the iPad version have access to the community section, at least? I woudn’t mind not being able to make the levels but being able to play them still would be killer.

  2. philhassey Says:

    @Alex – not sure yet 🙂 I still haven’t actually started the iPad port.