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Goats in Utah!

A couple weeks ago Nan and I went on a goat vacation to Utah. It’s a super cool place to go hiking! Here’s three of my favorite pics from the trip:

Goblin Valley is totally amazing!

Spookey Canyon is super weird!

Cuzco says, “I’m the best!” while hiking on Escalante.

Petunia and Nubbin just hanging out on slot-canyon walls in Willis Creek.

Headin’ back.

Anyway it was a great time, we had a ton of fun. And the other day we bought a new goat hutch, it looked like a UFO in the back of our truck and a ton of people were staring while we spent the day in Pueblo driving around with it.

Goat hiking is fun!

2 Responses to “Goats in Utah!”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Phil, are you absolutely sure that’s not a UFO? We’ve always known that the “government denies knowledge” … but surely the world’s greatest X-Files fan has not forgotten that “the truth is out there”! Which reminds me of the most important lesson from the X-Files: “Trust no one.”

    By the way, a “goat vacation” is the most hilarious idea I’ve heard in a while. You’re one of about 23 people in the country who wouldn’t consider that an oxymoron. The sad thing is I think Cuzco has now seen more of the country than I have.

  2. tonic Says:

    love those landscapes! (and goats)