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Galcon 2 Tournament Saturday, July 12th from 1pm-4pm MST

Hi there! This week we’re going to do a scheduled Galcon 2 tournament to ensure that more people can get together and play the game. The tournament will be at 1pm-4pm MST on Saturday July 12th. I recommend showing up an hour early and just checking out the game beforehand.

I’m going to be sending out a new beta prior to the tournament with lots of changes from the last beta. There was some pretty heavy discussion in the forums as to what the launch version of Galcon 2 should look like, and I got Nanno to help me figure out which requests related best to the things people have been asking about during the beta. I’ve done a bunch of work to get those key features added into the game.

Just to give a preview of the beta, here’s a list of the major things changed from my change log. There are over 100 changes since the last beta.

Game Changes
– added new standoff-timer
– added in the good bot and bot-skill matching after a few rounds
– have MORE planets by default

Lobby Changes
– fixed teams such that you can’t team swap, added auto-balance
– added delay between rounds
– vertical split of lobby screen on landscape views
– added clan name into lobby list of players

Server List Changes
– add in auto-match feature instead of server list of public servers
– allow modded servers to work again

Store Changes
– have in-store preview of planet surfaces
– have in-store screen tell you how many days left of a cosmetic
– removed classes and just have sectors

Other Improvements
– censor filter feature
– have game skip login page if a login already exists
– fixed: macs / starting up the game and swapping in and out of fullscreen causes screen to go black
– added more tab-completion keywords
– created fancy trophy widget

Anyway, no new beta today, but keep an eye out for the next update to download it and check it out. Very soon I hope to put the game out as an “open beta” so anyone can play and we’ll have people online more regularly


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