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Great commercial libraries for web development

Although I’m generally an Open Source enthusiast, sometimes you just need something better …

Prince XML – if you need to create lots of PDFs, you probably need this. It converts HTML to PDFs really fast and accurately. They’ve even used it to publish a book. There is an open source alternatives which may suite you: tufat html2pdf – but it isn’t as powerful, is really slow, and takes up a lot of memory. Good for small scale projects. I’ve actually used it quite a bit, but eventually the requirements of my projects grew beyond what could be done with it. (I talked with the devs about sponsoring the changes I needed, but they felt it would be impossible meet my requirements and recommended that I get Prince XML instead.) Prince XML comes as a command line binary, so it’s easy to integrate it with any language. “prince in.html out.pdf” is all it takes.

Chart Director – makes building graphical charts for your website both fun and beautiful. I haven’t really come across any open source alternatives that I cared for. The API is quite nice and includes just about everything I need. It comes with bindings for all common languages.

One Response to “Great commercial libraries for web development”

  1. Arun Says:

    Thanks for the link to Prince. I have been looking for a tool to convert entire websites into a single file format. It looks like this app can help me make such PDFs.