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Galcon talk at pycon

I’m working on writing up a proposal for a pycon talk. Which of these ideas sounds the most interesting?

– Galcon post-mortem – stuff that worked, stuff that didn’t – gfx, networking, python, etc. What I would do differently “next time”.

– Galcon modding – how to build a Galcon bot and other nifty tricks.

– Galcon business – all the grisly details of selling a game

– Something else?

I’d like to do an open space for people who want to have a Galcon bot writing competition as well as another open space for a real-people tournament.

5 Responses to “Galcon talk at pycon”

  1. Rene Dudfield Says:

    “Why php is better than python for web development.”

    OR… kind of like your topics above rolled up… to play with the wording a bit more…

    “Galcon postmortem. Making and selling a shareware game (Galcon) written with Python – and how it was different from my ludumdare/pyweek games.”

  2. Richard Says:

    All three? Well, 1 and 3 combined at least. Then maybe some of 2.

    I’m still stuck trying to think of what I should present. I’ve been considering doing one of my old “games in Python” talks but updated to use pyglet…

  3. Steve Holden Says:

    That’s three good talks right there. My personal preference would be the post-mortem talk, since that kind of talk isn’t often given. (I am a Galcon noob, by the way, who has no time to play).

    Don’t forget to do a lightning talk too – Galcon business might be suitable there, even if just a quick highlight of lessons learned. Looking forward to it already!

  4. philhassey Says:

    Richard – please do a pyglet talk 🙂 I’d love to get an overview on the new library, so as to be saved the bother of using my brain to figure out the basics 🙂

  5. a random John Says:

    I’m most interested in the business talk. I realize that this input is a bit late. I plan to be there and would be happy to attend any of your talks.