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Halloween game development

Marshie Attacks: Halloween Interactive Driveway Activity

Some really cool game dev going on there.  They used python, pygame, pysight, lasers, bedsheets and potato canons to create an interactive Halloween game!

6 Responses to “Halloween game development”

  1. a random John Says:

    I have to admit that while it might look like we used a potato canon due to the PVC, in fact we did not. That is just a hacked laser pointer inside a gun made out of PVC. Furthermore, the potato canons that I had stored at the farm in Wyoming have vanished, so now the family is spud-gun-less. Now I’m wondering if there is a good way to integrate actual spud0guns into a video game…

  2. philhassey Says:

    At any rate, its got me interested in doing crazy interactive games sometime 🙂 I think someone already mentioned it, but this would make for a pretty interesting pycon talk. Quite inspirational the way you hacked together those different components!

  3. a random John Says:

    At your suggestion I put in a submission for PyCon. If they accept it I’ll be there with the game, guns, and no potatoes.

  4. a random John Says:

    Don’t know if you’ll be there or not, but the talk got accepted at PyCon and I’ll be there with a bucket of laser pointers to give away.

  5. philhassey Says:

    I’ll be there – I’m quite excited to see your presentation 🙂

  6. Melvin Says:

    Very interesting and helpful post.
    I add your blog in my Google Reader! 😉