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Watermelons on facebook

Watermelons was a pygame game made in about 8 hours one evening on the #ludumdare channel. Since then I’ve ported it to flash using haxe. This past weekend I integrated it into the facebook API. You can check the app out here. My server-side high score system was written with PHP.

The integration was somewhat challenging, since I was using a language not supported by facebook (haxe) and my integration involved using flash, which has some restrictions when used within FMBL. To work around these things, I had to embed my flash object within an iframe and then pass high scores back through my main web script in the browser window (instead of as a background request) in order to be able to use all the facebook notification features.

So far (after about 5 days) the app has about 160 users, which isn’t very many. But I suppose it’s not bad for my first shot at writing a facebook app.

2 Responses to “Watermelons on facebook”

  1. philhassey Says:

    My code for this isn’t very useful. I bet if you look on or something you can find an open source highscore back-end. But all I did was a simple PHP database thing.

  2. JLM Says:

    In regard to facebook and haxe, you may find facebridgex useful I ported it from facebookbridge.