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The corndog diet delivers again!

A notable draw-back to sitting in front of a screen all day is that I get bloated after a while.  Thus, I’ve built the corndog diet for when I wish to drop a few pounds.

  • Breakfast: yogurt + 1 cup grape juice
  • Lunch: one corndog + 1 cup water
  • Afternoon: 20 minute workout *
  • Dinner: something modest + 1 cup milk

Drops around 1/2 lb per day if I actually do it.  I usually don’t exactly do that, so I’m probably at a 1/4 lb rate right now.  At any rate, 10 down, 5 to go.  Gotta keep my body at least moderately comparable to my blog pics.

For fun, see the Corndog Patrol Flag.

* Usually about 150 jumping jacks, 7 pull-ups, 45 push-ups, and 120 sit-ups.  At a separate time Nan and I walk Cuzco the goat around the lake.

3 Responses to “The corndog diet delivers again!”

  1. Richard Tew Says:

    Do you squeeze the grapes yourself?

  2. Gasten Says:

    you aren’t even allowed to drink how much water you want?

  3. philhassey Says:

    yah I drink more water than that.