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Phil’s pyGame Utilities (pgu) project up for grabs!

Well, I developed pgu several years ago .. and I’ve sort of moved onto other things.  And now I really feel like I’m not doing a great job maintaining pgu anymore.  I get occasional contributions which I don’t handle and I don’t really have any direction I want to take pgu, so I think it’s time for me to step down as maintainer of that project.

I’ve got a project page on that has a pretty good description of what it does.  I’ve also got a project page on sourceforge that has the mailing list.  Really, it would probably do better all hosted with google code and google groups.   (tinypy has been doing *great* with those!)

Anyway, it’s been fun, but it’s time for me to let someone else take the torch!  Good luck to whoever that ends up being!  I guess I’m sort of taking applications here, so .. tell me why you’d be the best maintainer for pgu 🙂

One Response to “Phil’s pyGame Utilities (pgu) project up for grabs!”

  1. Marco Baxemyr Says:

    I hope this project will live on. 🙂