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iGalcon – makin’ it perty!

Today I worked on making it all shiny.  As per usual, I had trouble figuring out OpenGL.  I suppose I’ll get it one of these days …

Anyway, some notable differences between normal OpenGL and OpenGL ES are: OpenGL uses arrays for everything, instead of letting you do the whole glBegin() glEnd() bit.  It also only supports a subset of normal OpenGL features – for example, it doesn’t support quads, only triangles.

Thankfully, by following the ES spec, I was able to write my code correctly under linux before I got it going on the iphone.  Getting the iphone part to work was pretty easy, though I’m slowly grasping some of the ObjC concepts as I go, since I had to do a few lines of ObjC code to load the images, etc this time.

The iphone SDK comes with a swell simulator.  Since my last pic of the “live” iphone was awful, here’s a more attractive simulation of what it looks like on the iphone:

Next up, gotta make those fonts look good.  Add the good ol’ Galcon sound effects.  Gotta improve some of my OpenGL commands so they are a bit more optimized.  Then I’ve got to decide on what sort of packaging (levels, ranks, bots, menus, etc) I want for the final version.

2 Responses to “iGalcon – makin’ it perty!”

  1. PoV Says:

    Holy Cow Laser!

  2. pymike Says:

    Purdy 🙂