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iGalcon – touch input, orientation handling, and fun!

I had some pretty good progress today 🙂  I got touch input implemented and tweaked pretty well for playing the game.  I also got in some crude orientation handling so that the numbers on the planets are readable from any normal orientation of the device.  I also added in a simple AI player, adjusted planet sizes, and added simple particle effects.

Next up: improved graphics, font, and sound effects.  I’m still pretty mystified by ObjC, but I’m getting by, I suppose.  It amazes me how much boilerplate junk is in languages that are not python 😉  Ah well, that’s life I guess.  On the practical side of things, I’m continuing to keep my SDL version of this working, so I can do work within my linux environment.  I’m glad I did all that work on tinypy, as I feel pretty comfortable in C now.

7 Responses to “iGalcon – touch input, orientation handling, and fun!”

  1. philhassey Says:

    I guess I’ll also mention I spent a bit of time optimizing today. I found the game was lagging when many ships were on the screen. I was able to speed it up a fair amount by combining many OpenGL operations into single arrays.

    I also found that most of the slow-down was due to the debug overhead. When I turn off debug mode, Galcon is quite zippy on the iphone 🙂

  2. john Harrison Says:

    Have I mentioned that I am sooooo buying this the instant it comes out?

  3. PoV Says:

    PoV patiently waits for certification… dot dot

  4. philhassey Says:

    @john – yay for 1st sale 🙂

    @PoV – I think tonic mentioned the company he works for got one (Europe) so they must finally be getting to you crazy foreigners now …

  5. Anders Conbere Says:

    YAY! (hey phil, this is anders from pycon). We talked a while about making galcon for the iphone, you porting this might inspire me to buy one 🙂 I’m loving the updates, and I’m excited to see what comes of it all.

    Now I want some video!

    ~ Anders

  6. philhassey Says:

    @Anders – are you the fellow who let me try out his iphone? Anyway, if so, that was what sealed the deal for me. I knew I had to do it once I saw how slick the interface was 🙂

    Is there an easy way to make video with the iphone SDK? If someone can point me to the “how-to” I’ll see if I can get something together for next time.

  7. philhassey Says:

    @Anders, err, oops. I clearly didn’t read your whole message 🙂 It’s a really fun device, that’s for sure. I got the ipod touch because I didn’t want a cell phone. It’s an amazing photo album + music player + Galcon-o-rama!