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iGalcon – and we’re live! Sort of!

Well, getting it “running” on the phone after that was pretty easy. Although not everything went quite as planned … Here’s a really awful picture of my progress:

Stuff to deal with later this week:

  • I’ve still got a long way to go in comprehending ObjectiveC .. So far, it’s all black magic to me, so I just guess until the compiler stops yelling at me.
  • No input yet, so no game play .. that’ll come next 🙂 Should be fun! I don’t think that part will be too hard, Apple provides a number of tutorials on getting touch input, so hopefully that will be straightforward.
  • It’s rotated the wrong way. I’ve got my game defined in a 480×320 box, but I guess the default view for the iphone is in the 320×480 direction. I’ll probably just switch my default setup to be in the 320×480 orientation. I might use gravity to determine which way the numbers on the planets are rendered.
  • No anti-aliased lines .. Hmn .. I think I’ve enabled all the right stuff, but I guess I’ll have to read up on that. It would be a pity of Galcon wasn’t anti-aliased on the iphone.

4 Responses to “iGalcon – and we’re live! Sort of!”

  1. PoV Says:


  2. john Harrison Says:

    very cool. I admit I’m still hoping that you use the multi-touch to make the universe 3d…

  3. philhassey Says:

    That’d be interesting 🙂 Maybe for “Galcon 2” …

  4. Jt Hollister Says:

    I’m still of the camp that 3D Galcon wouldn’t be Galcon…it would be sweet, no doubt about it, but a very different game.

    I’m so glad you did this man!