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iGalcon – iForget what this post was going to be about

Hmn .. I know I spent some time on Galcon today .. Here’s a screenshot to prove it:

Ah yes .. that was it.  I’ve got menu transitions working very nicely now.  This menu appears when you come back to Galcon after using another application.  You’ll also notice that I’ve got the menu “gravity sensitive” along with the numbers.

There are a few iphone points I haven’t figured out yet.  One is when you suspend the device with the “power button” and then start the device back up.  I haven’t found much clear documentation on if my app will get any indication of those events happening.  Secondly, when I start the game, the SoundEngine class provided by Apple turns off any currently playing music.  But when I double tap “Home” and start the tunes back up, the tunes turn off my sound effects.  I’m not sure if that’s quite what I want, but I guess that’s sort of a minor point anyways.

All in all, the main thing I’ve got left now is making the difficulty levels and various missions.  Should be fun!

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