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Beast for iPhone / iPod Touch

Hey!  We got a new game for you to check out!  It’s called Beast!  Beast is a really cool re-make of an old MS-DOS text-mode game that I used to really like.  (It’s similar to Galcon in that sense.)  It also has a slick retro-graphics feel to it that I’m pretty happy with.

Buy it now – Only $0.99!!

One of the most fun things I added into the game was the beast images.  They are based on creations by the Bungled Jungle which is located in Salida, CO.  This store sells amazing monsters that they create in their studio.  If you haven’t seen their stuff before, be sure to check it out.  Tell ‘em “Phil Hassey” sent ya :)

P.S. If you are a software developer, or are interested in knowing more about the design decisions that went into this game, check out my dev blog.

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