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Cosmic Nitro



So I finally got a new game out!  Yay!  And here it is:

“The end of the world is nigh!  Defend the world from the onslaught of an unfeeling universe!

“In Cosmic Nitro you must blast through nine different invasions.  To play merely touch the invaders to blast them, but when things get too tough you can swipe the screen to launch a shield.

“Designed by award winning game designer Phil Hassey winner of the IGFM Innovation in Game Design award.”

So check it out, the game is only 0.99 and totally worth every penny!  Be sure to tell your friends about it!


P.S. I just submitted an update to Galcon to the App Store .. so keep an eye out for that in the next week or so!  🙂


3 Responses to “Cosmic Nitro”

  1. weiszguy Says:

    You rock Phil! (Now, if I just had an iPhone…)

  2. Louise Says:

    Just started playing it for a few minutes. Great fun! I like the retro-neon colors. Pretty simple but addictive gaming. Bathroom breaks just got a lot longer.

  3. jaber Says:

    Yay! another game with *GLOWING* sprites XD