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Phil Hassey as Wolverine
"What kind of
arrogant jerk
has a website like this?"


Yeah, you better …


This image represents the last few days of work.  I have ported some 3000 lines of python code to tinypyC++ code.  Fear it.


2 Responses to “FEAR THE PANDA”

  1. Rene Dudfield Says:

    Nice 🙂

    This reminds me of a good friend. When he wants to look butch, he wears his black singlet and shades… usually with his black jacket hanging over one shoulder.

    On the other shoulder he has a tattoo of a panda. Normally a tat would add to this bad-ass look… but a panda tat? No! The panda just looks all cute and cuddly – it takes the whole bad-ass look, and moves it more towards an ‘awww-cute-panda’ look.

    Which is quite a delightful contrast really.

    I do fear the panda… the oh so cute panda. FEARED.

  2. ctyonahl Says:

    What is this? A new game? For PC? iPhone?