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Dynamite: Day 17 – IGF Submission?

So, I spent all morning / afternoon getting the rendering working properly, shadows working how I want, changing some of the game logic, adding more levels, adding sound effects, and updating the icons to something a bit more meaningful. Here’s where I’m at:


The question is, shall I submit this to the IGF? From doing a quick review of where I’m at, I need a few more levels to justify this thing as a game. Nan and I gave the game (as it stands) a complete review. The core gameplay is really solid, but the menus are totally rubbish, and the amount of levels and whatnot is pathetic. The graphics in-general aren’t where I want them to be yet.

I just feel like -even though- the judges might not look at the game right away and I might have another couple of weeks to submit something a bit more shiny, submitting this right now might be a bit weak. I can imagine an early judge looking at my entry saying, “Gee, that Galcon guy sure is a time-waster.” I don’t really want that.

So, I’ll be forging along in the October challenge, and if this game does really come out hot, I’ll submit the released version to the IGF next year. Or who knows, maybe I’ll hit up some other contests with it in 2011!


2 Responses to “Dynamite: Day 17 – IGF Submission?”

  1. Denilson Says:

    I do think you should submit it to IGF (if you still have time). Waiting one whole year is too long…

  2. philhassey Says:

    Nah, too late. Submission closed on Monday. There is always next year!