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Dynamite: Day 18 – Goods

Been working on a handful of minor tweaks and I created a few new levels.


I’m a bit at a vague point where I need to decide what my next few steps are. There’s an endless list of minor things that I can do, so maybe I’ll carve away at those for a while. I also need to start thinking about what I’m going to do to get the graphics up to the level I want.

I did add in an overhead view for the level editor. This makes designing layouts much easier. (It also makes playing easier, but less awesome looking, so I probably won’t allow it in-game, as it makes it a bit too easy to see what the guards and everyone is doing.)


In that shot you can see me experimenting with different colored lights. During the afternoon I spent an hour or so messing with the guard AI to get it “just so” then I created another couple levels. And to finish off the day, I’ve added in the coveted DATA CARTRIDGES!!!


Anyway, the core game is getting better all the time .. I might even start doing a beta or something soonish!


One Response to “Dynamite: Day 18 – Goods”

  1. Scionwest Says:

    Lookin good! Everytime I read your updates I get re-encouraged to work on my stuff. Looking forward to playing your next game on my iPhone.