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Dynamite: Day 19 –

So I’m marching towards getting this game into beta. Fixing up some final items. The first one was I was finding that guards would sometimes get together into packs (all on a single square) and stampede. I’ve fixed that by checking for guards who are on the same spot going the same direction and having some of them wait a few frames before moving. This does a nice job of breaking them up.

Aside: I’m listening to Skaven’s tunes via the Modizer app. Very cool!

Time to churn out a new level! “The Barn” has arrived.


I’ve added in auto-save / auto-restore of the whole game state. And I’ve added in save / restore of the game settings (like your volume preferences, or whatever.) I had to hold myself back from doing anything crazy like using a fixed_map from EASTL, and just do it the “simple” way. Using new and shiny things is fun, but it doesn’t necessarily buy me any time or improvement in my code.

I then added clipping to my GUI code so that I can have things like scrollboxes and whatnot. I considered SCISSOR_TEST, depth buffers, and stencil buffers. I eventually decided on just calculating all the clipping in software so I could avoid using all those GL features. That way they are saved for possible more cool uses, like effects.


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