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Dynamite: Day 22 – User content

So, one of the big objectives in this project was to make it so users can create their own fortresses for their friends to storm! Here’s a screenshot of the “in progress” user level-picker screen.


I’m pretty happy with how that looks. I need to add scrollbars and stuff like that yet, but it’s mostly functional already.

Stuff for tomorrow:

– Getting the various categories working .. at least on a basic level, I might not have the web-backend queries fully developed immediately.

– Displaying the title of the category

– Decide on what categories make sense. Maybe these should be queried from the web API?

– Add the ability for users to rate levels

Then for Thursday, I’m going to try and set this up for beta-sale if possible! And start sending out requests for artists to help me finish the job!


2 Responses to “Dynamite: Day 22 – User content”

  1. Scionwest Says:

    Looking forward to the beta-sale! Anxious to try out what I’ve seen you working on over the last month.

  2. TWal Says:

    This looks great so far, Phil! How much are you going to charge for the game once completed?