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Galcon looking for an Android publisher

The Android market is kind of crazy! There are dozens of markets out there, and I’m only tapped into the “Google Android Marketplace”. I’d like to get a publisher or someone who could (for a reasonable cut) get Galcon onto all the other markets, and manage all those opportunities. I get lots of emails about various opportunities, but doing all that bizdev / tweaking the game to work for various other market places is just not something I can do right now.

If you know of a good one, or are a good one, let’s talk!


P.S. if you’re an indie developer who has put their game on all these platforms and want to take on Galcon, I’d be open for that kind of option too!

P.S.S. given it a bit further thought, I think what I’m looking for is a Android bizdev person, actually.

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