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Dynamite: Day 24 – Ratings and Stuff

Well, I’m still grinding away at the web integration today.

So far I’ve added in basic user tracking, this will keep track of how many levels a user has created for use in leaderboards. I’m not going to implement leader boards now, since I’m going to be tying into GameCenter and whatnot for those features.

Next up, I’m going to create a table to track each level win, so users can leave feedback (skulls and stars!)

With all that working I’ll be able to get queries going for various categories in the game. Like most popular, and newest, and favorites.

I’ve also added in error handling to the game, so if you have an invalid login, or whatever, it’ll display a message on the screen. It’s amazing how many little things I have to add to get the game all working “just so”.


Whew, nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make things look un-awful:


Anyway, I’m taking off tomorrow, but I’m going to try and “monetize” this thing on Saturday!


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