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Stealth Target: Day 30 – From 755 down to 0 errors

Wow, it’s been 30 days? That’s a long time! At least, say, compared to 5 minutes. I’ve spent the morning answering emails and trying to round up artists for this game. Again, check out my jobs page if you or anyone you know is interested. I can’t wait to see how the game is going to look with “real” art 🙂

I’m going to try and get this game “running” on the iPad. At least, compiling. I’ve got only a couple hours, so we’ll see what we can do.

– Created iPad project. Moved in all files and game assets and gave it a build just to see a big number. 755 errors! Swell!

– I set up my standard -D defines. Error count down to 348.

– Added in proper loading of the iOS OpenGLES headers. Down to 78.

– Fixed use of SDL_ defines in my code to use my generic defines for various keys. Down to 42.

– #ifdef’d out all SDL stuff based on my USING_SDL define. Down to 19.

– Created a few iOS / ObjC specific functions in a .mm file. Down to 17.

– Changed all GLdouble to GLfloat. Down to 5.

– Included “glues” a GLU for ES implementation. Down to 0!!

Now onto the linker errors. I’m starting with 6. The are all the missing audio functions. I’ll have to get my iOS audio code copied over from Galcon Fusion for this.

Got rid of those, but now I’ve got 18 other linker errors. Trying to work out what Frameworks I need, I guess. Just needed “CoreGraphics” it appears. And I’ve got a build! It’s a dummy build, in that it just shows the default bouncing box that the project includes. I’ve got to connect the iPad app to the actual game now – but having it compile without errors is always a good first step!

To wrap the game I’m creating a new file – gamewrap.cpp. The header will include some very simple functions so the ObjC code does not have to interact with any of the real game objects. (This means I’m going to have a global game variable in gamewrap.cpp. This is something which can add some level of pain for Android ports, but I’ll face that music later.)

… and … I’ve got a visual! It’s oriented wrong, and I don’t have it handling events yet, but hey – it worked! Wow!

iPhone SimulatorScreenSnapz015

Now if I can get it handling events and oriented proper, the game will be “working” at some level on the iPad 🙂 .. Got those working, and the game is almost working – some of the 3D rendering is still a bit off though:

iPhone SimulatorScreenSnapz016

Anyway, I guess that leaves me something to do tomorrow!


One Response to “Stealth Target: Day 30 – From 755 down to 0 errors”

  1. Rene Dudfield Says:

    Swell. Can’t wait to stealth up to some targets.