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Stealth Target: The pre-order/beta explained (and now 50% off!)

Many people were confused by my announcement 10 days ago. So I’m going to try and explain it a bit better!

Stealth Target is not a finished game. If you look at the screenshots and video I’ve posted, almost none of the graphics you see are final, they are all free graphics or stuff I hobbled together quickly so as to get the game basically working. What you’re looking at is not what I will be selling to the general public when the game is finished.


I am a solo indie game developer. That means there’s just me doing the bulk of this project. My wife Nan helps with the testing and some of the ideas. And I contract out the art and music since I’m only so-so at those things myself. I don’t have a team of 50 Q&A guys in my basement who test my game for me non-stop. That’s what the beta is for, it’s a way for me to get feedback from the users who are interested in helping me out!

I did, however, make a notable mistake in my beta release! I priced it at $9.99 (my planned full-price.) This was a goof-up on my part, since I really want to thank people who are taking a chance and trying out my games before they are done. I’ve changed this to $4.99 so people who pre-order get the special price. (The few brave users who went and paid the full $9.99 for the game last week I gave full refunds to, so they got the game for free!) And, yes, whoever buys the game at this pre-order price will receive the full desktop game when it is finished. (I’m also planning on releasing it for the iPad. A pre-order will not count towards that.)

Anyway, I want to give a huge thanks to the people who have played the game already and given me feedback. I’ve just posted a new build of the game with a bunch of new features and fixes based on their feedback. You can check my blog to see what all changes I’ve made and how the development has proceeded.

To the people who wondered “Where is the demo??!” Don’t worry, I haven’t built it yet, but I think I’ll be making one available sometime soon. I’ll send out a mailing when I do so don’t feel like you have to rush and buy the game right now if you’d rather try the demo first :)

So, all that said, if you’re feeling brave, go ahead and pre-order Stealth Target for 50% off the full-price, today! For the less brave, feel free to wait it out until I have a demo ready.


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