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Stealth Target: Day 38 – The grind

At this point, I’m kind of in grind mode. I churned through a bunch of bugs in the past 48 hours. And did a bunch of user-interface changes. The game is getting more perfect. Here’s a shot of the bugs and changes I’ve made. I’m getting pretty happy with how things are feeling. I’ll thank the beta testers for all their feedback once again, and Tim (my brother-in-law, who does most of my music) for providing a number of pieces of UI feedback which really helped.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz003

The most visually interesting change is that now I tally up scores in sort of a jackpot style, like in most games. The shot doesn’t do the effect justice, but when the “Win” screen appears, each of the numbers is reduced to 0 while the score increases to the total score for that level. It’s pretty cool. This was Nan’s suggestion, and it seemed to be a pretty fun one! Makes beating a level feel that much more rewarding.



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