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Invasion of the Blobs & dev toolkit in the works


A few weeks ago I entered the Ludum Dare game development contest and whipped together a fun game about defending off invading blobs using a spray can.

I spent another week getting it polished up so it works on a ton of platforms. The game is “The Invasion of the Blobs” (iBLOBS for short). You can get it here. It’s available on iPhone/iPad, Android, PC, Linux, Mac, and pretty soon the Mac App Store.

The reason for the porting frenzy with this game is I’m working towards releasing an open source C++ toolkit for supporting all these platforms (and maybe a few more). This is my first game release with this kit. It uses code from all my recent games, but it finally puts that code into a clean and organized re-usable structure. This is going to be super helpful for reducing bugs and improving game code across each platform.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy iBLOBS. It’s totally free, so you might as well give it a whirl. If you want to help out, please post a message here if there are any crashes or support issues on any platform, I want to get those ironed out best I can 🙂

Have fun!

UPDATE: The Android port has been giving quite a few people trouble. If you are a dev with the Android dev kit, please do an “adb logcat” and post the results here, that would be a huge help!

UPDATE2: The Android build is so broken I took it down.

4 Responses to “Invasion of the Blobs & dev toolkit in the works”

  1. Simon Brunning Says:

    Sadly, I just get music and a black screen on my Nexus One, running 2.2. Had to use the classic IT Crowd solution to get out of it. 😉

  2. philhassey Says:

    @Simon thanks for giving it a try!

  3. Grim Fandango Says:

    Hi, just tried Invasion of the blobs for Windows, Norton AV threw an almighty hiss fit over the ldm.exe and deleted it.

    This is probably just Norton being an over sensitive Trojan in it’s own right’s, but thought I would notify you.

    I Use Norton so have not tried it under other AV product’s, if there is anything I can supply you with in the way of information I am happy to go through Norton log’s etc to find out why it threw the exception.

    Other than that.. over and out.

  4. Grim Fandango Says:

    Also would love to do an Android Debug Bridge but I can only bridge to something, you have pulled app before I could get mitts on it…