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The Galcon Office 2011 Edition

So, hey, we recently (3 months ago) moved to “the goat ranch” and I finally got around to decorating my office. Since moving in, I’ve released one game and I’ve got three (or so) in the works. So a lot of stuff is going to be happening here this year!

Everything in that picture has got some sort of anecdote behind it, so if you’re curious about anything, just ask 🙂


14 Responses to “The Galcon Office 2011 Edition”

  1. Tom Ortega Says:

    Alright, I’ll bite. What book is under the mac book? Is that a picture of Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk? And lastly, but most importantly, is that a real can of SPAM on the shelf and if so, why haven’t you eaten it yet? Spam in my house last but a few hours, a couple of days at most!

  2. Keith Says:

    Who manufactures the keyboard you use?

  3. Jyaif Says:

    The white socket in the wall intrigues me. What’s the story behind it?

  4. Tex Says:

    Why so much Monkey Island?

  5. philhassey Says:

    @Tom –
    1. The “New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible”
    2. It’s Larry Opiela as He-Man, he was the body builder who signed your lunch box at the mall back in the 80’s.
    3. Yes, it’s probably about 15+ years old, and it was inherited from a distant relative who died. I do like SPAM but I haven’t eaten it in quite a while, maybe I should get after that!

    @Keith – It’s a “DYNEX” keyboard. I think it cost me $10 from

    @Jyaif – I’m not sure what you are talking about …

    @Tex – I sold most of my 90’s game boxes a few years ago. These are some of the select few that are left. I am a big Monkey Island fan 🙂

  6. Tom Ortega Says:

    Yes, you most definitely need to get after that. Spam is food of the gods…possibly Gluttony and Death, but gods nonetheless. 🙂

  7. Keith Says:

    Cool, thanks. I have a little obsession with finding the perfect keyboard. BTW, I just noticed your discussion about Xcode 4 in your April blog archive. Not sure if you are aware, but Xcode has a convenient option for compiling all source files that you might be interested in. Check out this link: . I’m very impressed with Galcon Fusion btw.

  8. Keith Says:

    Try searching on “using xcode ,how to compile .c file as .m file?” for the link if you are interested in it.

  9. Vinay Says:

    Which is the book on the far left ?

  10. philhassey Says:

    @Vinay – It s”Torchworked Marbles, Vol 1″ by Drew Fritts. You can probably see that I’m into collecting marbles 🙂 I’ve taken a few lessons on making them and I’m thinking about getting the equipment to do it on my own. But I haven’t decided quite yet.

  11. Lj Says:


  12. Danyal Says:

    I don’t get any of this. What is running the screen – the black box on the floor, the beige thing on the right of your desk, or the Mac Mini at the back of your desk? Is it even a Mac Mini? Is there another laptop in your bulging bag? Please enumerate the instruments on the left. Is that a TV or another monitor on the right? What are the sweets and why do you not eat them ever?

  13. philhassey Says:


    The screen is attached to the MacBook Pro. I do all my dev on that machine, I use VMWare Fusion so that I’m able to run Windows, Linux on it as well.

    The black box is a battery backup power supply.

    The beige thing is a DG-1 5.25 external disk drive, it’s a museum piece and it’s there for decoration.

    That is, indeed, a Mac Mini. It is running Ubuntu and does some backups for me.

    There is no laptop in the laptop bag.

    The instruments are (from left to right) a mandolin, a violia, a violin.

    On the right there is another monitor which is attached to a HP netbook that I have Ubuntu installed on.

    I don’t have any sweets, those are marbles 🙂


  14. danyal Says:

    Thanks Phil. I have a similar setup on my MacBook Pro but I boot into Windows and run a Mac OS VM in VMWare Workstation, which felt slightly wrong at first but makes me happy.

    Nice instruments (well, cases)… always slightly envious of musical ability and the self-discipline implied.

    Ok, back to Galcon Fusion for me…