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Return to Treasure Island (Brian Blessed) Drinking Game

One of Nan and my favorite TV mini-series is Return to Treasure Island (starring Brian Blessed). If you don’t have it, you can buy it here. (Region 2 DVDs only.)

We watched it again this past week, and this time we made a drinking game to go along with. We used peanut M&Ms and went through about 2 pounds of ’em! Here are the rules in full, have fun! Download/Print PDF.

Return to Treasure Island (Brian Blessed) Drinking Game

If you’re teetotalers like us, or under age, use M&M’s instead. It has the same effect if you play for long enough.

Take a shot when …

  • Someone gets knocked unconscious
  • Someone mentions “slipping their cable”
  • Someone mentions “diamonds, rubies, and sapphires”
  • The map changes hands
  • The map is hidden
  • Long John fights someone with his crutch
  • Long John bribes, flatters, or threatens someone
  • Jim is captured
  • Jim tries to flirt
  • Jim appears shirtless
  • Ben Gun taps his nose or whoops
  • Van Der Brecken mentions “a plan”
  • Van Der Brecken kicks
  • Van Der Brecken expresses his dislike or distrust of Long John
  • Rev. Morgan mentions “the Lord”
  • Trelawney says “What?”
  • Keelhaul cackles

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