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Galcon 2: Now with 4000 planets!

Ahoy there! Thanks again for supporting the Galcon 2 Kickstarter! I’ll be sending out progress updates as the development progresses, and here’s the first!

Day 1: First I got the basic “black screen” up and running. I’m using C++ and Xcode as the primary development tools of Galcon 2. I developed iPhone Galcon and Galcon Fusion with C++ as well as Dynamite Jack.

Day 2: I decided black screens were boring and I added a handful of planets.

Since there were overlapping planets, I worked on the collision code in Galcon to fix the overlaps automatically.

This was looking good, no planets were overlapping. So I decided to take it up a notch and try out 4000 planets!

This worked on the first try, but it took forever for the layout of the planets to stabilize. I spent the rest of the day improving the collision code so that it could handle this amount of collisions at high speed. By being able to support this many items, at any scale, I’m already designing Galcon 2 to work smoothly on any screen size, and possibly with games that are larger than a single screen.

Here’s video of the collision code in action, actual speed:

I plan on sending these updates out pretty frequently, but if you want even faster news on the development of Galcon 2, please follow me on twitter. My name there is philhassey. Also, there’s lots of fun Galcon 2 discussion in the forums too.


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