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Galcon 2: Art glass marbles (video!) and beta3

Have you ever wondered how marbles are made? I bet you have. Here’s a video of Shannon “Snoop” Norris of Fireworx Glass Studio creating the Grand Admiral reward art glass marbles. They came out incredible, but they are near impossible to photograph because they are all 3D-inner-reflective glass stuff.

I’ve been a bit busy the last few days working on Dynamite Jack for Android. This helps out Galcon 2 a ton, because now I’ve got a wrapper for Android that will work with Galcon 2 when I’m ready for Android porting time!

I’ve also put together a beta3 of Galcon 2 that includes several new mods I made, a “Turn Based” mod and a “Bot War” mod. I’ll have some details about the API changes in the forums for the modders, I’d really like to include some user mods in a build in the near future!

Download beta3 for Windows or Mac. Please leave some feedback on the forums!


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