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The Galcon Marble Game

In the near future, about 60 or so people are going to be getting the Galcon 2 box set. One of the goodies is a set of marbles to play the Galcon Marble Game! I designed this game this month and I’m posting the rules here as part of the #1GAM for February.

– Dominate the Galaxy with your Marble Shooting Skills!
– Players: 2 – 4
– Ages: 5 and up

– 4 sets of 7 planets (small marbles).
– 1 shooter (large marble).

– Draw a circle (or any reasonable playing area) enclosing the Galaxy
– In order from highest online rank to lowest, each put down a single planet from your set until all planets are placed.
– Lowest rank plays first

– Pick one of your planets as your starting point.
– From there, shoot the shooter.
– If you get an enemy planet out of the Galaxy, you get a bonus turn.
– If you got one of your planets out of the Galaxy, your turn ends.
– If you get no planets out, your turn ends.

– The winner is the last person with planets in the Galaxy

– You are allowed to knock your own planets around if you want to, but you may not shoot at the planet you are starting from.
– Knocking out multiple enemy planets in a single shot only gets you one bonus turn.
– No matter what, if you knock one of your planets out, you don’t get a bonus turn.

Have fun!

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