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Can’t do everything ..

Alas, I’m not going to be able to make PyCon this year .. Because I’m a finalist in the IGF Mobile competition 🙂  And the GDC is happening the same week as PyCon.  Oh well, can’t do everything.  I wish I could go to both, PyCon was a blast last year!

That said, some of us tinypy folks might do a tinypy sprint at the same time as the PyCon sprints.  So if there are any people at PyCon who want to sprint on tinypy, get in touch and we can all work together in #tinypy somewhere.  Further news about this sprint will be available in the tinypy mailing list.

tinypy has progressed a bit since I last posted about it.  It’s probably sandboxed and it now has meta methods.  If there are some serious smart VM coders who are interested, we could use a hand.  tinypy is as fast as python for some tasks, but for other things it is around 1/2 the speed of python.  It also uses more memory than python.

4 Responses to “Can’t do everything ..”

  1. Dave Says:

    Does tinypy let you install it on a usb stick and say walk up to a machine and run some python scripts (subprocess, os, sys modules) to call out to executables on the stick without installing anything on the host PC to make tinypy work?

  2. philhassey Says:

    Not really 🙂 tinypy is more of “lua with python-like syntax” .. so it includes very few python modules and only a subset of python syntax and features.

    (Which is partly why I’m wishing it were a bit faster! It doesn’t do nearly as much as real python.)

  3. Dave Says:

    There was something, somewhere that triggered my memory that someone was working on python on a data stick idea… a little google-fu and its portable python.. My bad for brain cross-fart!

  4. John Harrison Says:

    Well then why the hell am I going to PyCon?