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Stealth Target: Day 32 – iPad interface

So .. I spent today making the game feel good on the iPad. The key items I had to get working work some “smart navigation” so that mis-touches would send the player towards an open spot and not just onto a wall. This makes navigating much easier as most locations you would want to walk to are along walls anyways. This also improves the desktop interface with the same features.

I also added the ability to pan around the level by using two fingers like in many other apps. This works well. I haven’t decided if / how I will support zoom in and zoom out.

I’ve gotten a ton of emails from artists and musicians, but it’s all pretty hard to sort through! I haven’t done much contracting out, so it takes me a while to figure out what I’m doing. Hopefully it’ll all start to make sense soon.

The response from the beta sale has been excellent. I’ve gotten a number of people giving me great feedback. Over the next few days I’m going to use all that feedback to update a build for this weekend. I may also try and get it working as a demo version so that I can expand the beta to more people.

Getting the editor working took a few UI tweaks as well as handling of the keyboard when it pops up. What I’ve noticed today is that my game has 4 different coordinate systems that all have to “get along”:

– The OpenGL physical coordinates
– The iOS event coordinates
– My user interface coordinates
– The game world coordinates

And getting all those systems to work nicely together when say, the devices is reoriented, or the keyboard pops up is a bit of tricky business!


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