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Stealth Target: Day 33 – Beta feedback

I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from users in the paid beta. Today I re-read all the emails and forum posts and entered all the unfinished items into my bug tracker. Then I spent the day getting through a few of them:

– Added WASD key controls for the character
– Added ability to change resolution
– Added ability to switch into fullscreen


I’ve got 10 other items in my tracker, and I’ll see how many I can get through. I’m hoping to post a new build on Saturday and send out another mailing.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz001


2 Responses to “Stealth Target: Day 33 – Beta feedback”

  1. Philip M. Bacchi Says:

    What are you using for an issue tracker ?

  2. philhassey Says:

    That’s the bug tracker I wrote when I was running a healthcare consulting company a few years ago. PHP / sqlite.